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Montana Legislature Considering Handing Wild Bison Location Decisions to County Commissioners

SB 284, which requires approval of County Commissioners for wild bison location or relocation, passed out of the Senate's Fish and Game Committee Wednesday February 18, 2015. Opponents of the bill point to a recent poll which indicates that Seventy six percent of Montanans support restoring wild bison to the state; Sixty eight percent view bison as wildlife, not livestock; Seventy two percent agree that wild bison should be managed like deer, elk and other wildlife; Seventy four percent think decisions about bison should be made by biologists and wildlife officials rather than county politicians.  

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In Nebraska, Bill would end County Prairie Dog Management

The Nebraska Legislature's Agriculture Committee voted 7-1 to advance LB 128 introduced by Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers. The bill would repeal the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Management Act, which placed authority for managing prairie dogs with Nebraska's counties. 

Chambers said the management act does not take into account that prairie dogs are indigenous to Nebraska and an important part of the state’s ecosystem. Instead, he said, the act was modeled on noxious weed laws, which are designed to completely eradicate invasive species.

John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmers Union, testified in support of the bill. The act that it would repeal leads to a “heavy-handed” approach to prairie dog management and puts a strain on counties and on relationships between neighbors, he said.

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BLM and FWS share information on Sage Grouse at NPCN Biannual Meeting

Jodi Bush with Fish and Wildlife Service and John Carlson with Bureau of Land Management both presented on Greater Sage-grouse status and planning efforts around the 2015 Greater Sage-grouse listing decision at NPCN's biannual meeting in October. Information included maps of priority areas for conservation and management, size of planning areas for Montana and North and South Dakota, factors for analyzing alternatives in the RMP's, and timeframe for status review by the FWS. Access the FWS presentation here and BLM presentation here.

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Sage-Grouse Mitigation Guidance Now Available

In an effort to keep the greater sage-grouse off the endangered species list, in part by protecting its habitat, the USFWS has developed a mitigation framework that includes recommendations and standards. The Greater Sage-Grouse Range-Wide Mitigation Framework aims to "communicate some of the factors the Service is likely to consider in evaluating the efficacy of  mitigation practices and programs in reducing threats to sage-grouse."

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Studies Explore Loss of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region and Impacts on Waterfowl
Climate change and energy development driving wetland loss and declines in waterfowl populations
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